Automate Your Mundane Repetitive Writing With Capijzo

Create text/ image snippets, store on Capijzo, inserts anywhere on Google Chrome & save up to 23 hours per month. Capijzo is an auto text expander tool.


Why Capijzo?

We help you to save up to 15% of your work time by not typing the same thing again and again which is over $7000 savings per year because of increased productivity by using Capijzo; an auto text expander tool.


Most people do not realize that they type so many sentences and paragraphs again and again on daily basis and it consumes a lot of their work time. Capijzo helps you to automate such writings in a few simple steps.


As an auto text expander tool; Capijzo let users store different text snippets and rich text templates for Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Product Hunt, for sales CRM, for a sales pitch, for prospecting, for customer service and whatnot. Capijzo is not limited to any industry or professional and can be used by people who write on Google Chrome.

How It Works

It is never easier onboarding than Capijzo! Simply sign up on the platform, start creating templates and text snippets for your different needs with their unique shortcodes and insert on Google Chrome when you need it. Easy right?

Create rich text templates and text snippets with their unique shortcodes. Capijzo supports fully HTML based formatting and you can be able to insert images & links to your templates.


Group your templates & snippets into different categories to manage them more efficiently. Even further you can insert different labels to stack into your different needs. Store your templates & snippets on Capijzo web app.


Whenever you need to insert any snippet on Google Chrome, just type it’s unique shortcode and shortcut key and full templates will be inserted automatically. You can save time by not typing long and long paragraphs and inserting images.


Capijzo supports millions of websites on Google Chrome mentioning a few like Gmail, Outlook email, Google Documents, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Product Hunt, Hubspot, any web-based CRM and others.

What's On Capijzo?

Capijzo is all about boosting your productivity and saving time and users will appreciate time-saving features on the web app to manage and share templates & snippets in different categories & teams.

Categories & Labels

Stack different templates and text snippets into different categories and labels according to your needs to find them quickly whenever you need them.


Images & Links

Insert images & links to your rich text templates and design your most needed templates in a beautiful presentation, so, you can insert them quickly on Google Chrome.

Sharing In Teams

It is important that all your team members use most loved presentations, email templates & product information when they every time they share. Sharing templates in teams is easier on Capijzo.

Productivity Status

Keep an eye on how productive you are and how much time you save with Capijzo on a daily & weekly basis and even further how much time your team is saving using this auto text expander tool.


Capijzo is for everyone

Auto text expander is a need for everyone when it comes to productivity and saving time. Whether you are a student and searching for a job and writing your introduction again and again or you are customer support and replying the same greetings, instructions and closing sentences to customers repetitively.

From sales professionals to recruiters, freelancers to customer service and students to marketers, Capijzo is useful for everybody and it can boost your productivity immediately.

Sales Professionals

Easy prospecting, introduction, product presentation & follow up...


Hassle-free interview scheduling, candidate hunting & company introduction…

Customer Service

Save time with opening & closing script, pre-defined instructions, how-to steps…


Effortless contact establishment, service offering, invoicing, follow up etc..


Capijzo is absolutely free for starters and always will be! We believe to get your hands on the auto text expander tool and see if it can be worth it to you. You can always upgrade to Capijzo Premium to step up.


Capijzo Free


For Starters


  • - Up to 2 Categories
  • - Up to 3 Snippets per Category
  • - Up to 350 Words in a snippet
  • - Daily Statistics

Capijzo Premium


For professionals


  • - Up to 25 Categories
  • - Up to 100 Snippets per Category
  • - Up to 5000 Words in a snippet
  • - Daily, weekly & all time statistics
  • - Image & video in a snippet
  • - Sync between devices
  • - Unlimited labels
  • - Snippet sharing

Capijzo Business


For business

$5.99 per user

  • - Unified accounts & teams
  • - Unified billing
  • - Unified team & individual statistics
  • - Team sharing - category & label
  • - Access control sharing
  • - Team activity log
  • - And many more…